About Oriana

About Oriana

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My hope is to share my expert and loving hands with you to help you find your way back to a happy, healthy, and nourishing existence.

I haven't been sure of very much in my life, but one thing I have always known, with every inch of my being, is that I was put on this earth to assist others in healing. And so was born Soothing Soles: the vessel through which I nurture, love and guide others on their journey to wellness.

It is my hope that by helping others restore their health and vitality, they will then have the energy and strength to live to their highest potential.

Ensuring that our bodies are getting the proper care and love they require to function optimally is a necessity if we are to have enough energy and clarity to make a positive contribution to this world.

NOTE: Reflexology does not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and is not a substitute for standard medical care. Oriana Galardi-Este is not a medical doctor. She operates as a certified reflexologist only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.