Reflexology for Stress

Reflexology for Stress


By Samantha Davlouros

Most people feel stressed but don't realise how that affects their body.

Everybody feels the intensity of significant stress, exams looming, deadlines at work, presentations etc...

However, it is the constant low levels of stress that is insidious. Many people live with it for so long, they have forgotten what it is like to feel normal.

The body is wonderful at juggling initially but even chronic low levels of stress results in a continual imbalance in the nervous system and eventually problems start to show.

When we are stressed, the body gears up for a flight or fight response, it diverts energy away from functions it deems to be non essential at that time, puts them on standby, diverting this saved energy to the heart and muscles.

The body never works against us and it perceives stress as a threat to our survival and well-being which is why it is helping us to gear up and fight.

The stand-by functions of the body are all areas we don’t need for running or fighting, after all we don’t need to digest our lunch properly to survive!

  • The digestive systems
  • Unitary/excretory systems
  • Immune systems
  • Reproductive & gynecological systems

These standby areas correlate to the main problems people face today - IBS, cystitis, ME and fertility, which have exploded over the last few decades.

By re-balancing the nervous system, relaxing the body, we allow the body to do its job properly, creating well being and health, allowing you to reach your potential.

Reflexology manipulates the nervous system, re-balancing it, allowing your body to achieve its natural equilibrium.