"I shudder at the thought of what I would be like, or feel like, had I not met you last year - you worked all the kinks out, and then some!" AR, Durham

"I used to do full-body massage on a regular basis, but since I started reflexology I haven't gone back - I just find that reflexology cares for my body, mind, and soul in a way that nothing else has. I'm also a runner, and run between 6 to 12 miles a day, and before starting reflexology I would have to take days off to recover - but since starting reflexology, I run like I have wings on my feet. Recovery isn't even in my vocabulary anymore! Everything is easier because of reflexology. It's my sanity. My therapy." ED, Durham

"I feel like lately I'm so happy and content with life that I could burst. And I think your energy, reflexology work, and lust for life are the reason or part of the reason!" LB, North Carolina

"Oriana, I felt fabulous yesterday and today! I am currently in Ohio but will be booking another appointment with you soon. I want to say again that you are a very soothing soul with magical hands. I am so glad that I've met you!" AB, North Carolina

"I can't say enough good things about my reflexology sessions with Oriana. You will not be disappointed! (And for those of you who think that you are too sensitive, or you don't like your feet touched, or have any other hesitations, I can only say: Give it a try. You will be SO glad you did!" AJ, North Carolina

"Thank you so much for helping me with the healing process, and for being so open and wonderful. And for making me so relaxed for the first time in weeks. Already can't wait to come back!" JT, North Carolina

"What a wonderful hour spent! Oriana is so talented and professional and I was in a complete trance! I have difficulties sleeping and after just one session, I already could feel the results - slept through the entire night without waking up. Highly recommend you trying it out! Thank you Oriana I will be back for sure!" SP, France

"Oriana is an amazing healer. My fiancé had amazing sessions with her, and he was eager for me to give it a go. Of course I won't turn down a nice foot rub, but foot reflexology is so much more. The footwork results in an amazing full body sensation and relaxation. My muscles in my upper neck and upper back were finally relieved. More importantly, I was finally able to empty my mind of the zillion thoughts and stresses that I deal with on a day to day basis. All I was able to focus on was the full body tingles!" HC, North Carolina

"Oriana is an amazing woman and gifted healer. Her sessions have started to alleviate chronic pain that I've had for years- when I stopped going regularly, the difference became apparent. She also has a vast knowledge of health and wellness and is happy to share her knowledge and resources. She's fantastic and i recommend her reflexology to everyone! I doubt they'll be disappointed." ED, North Carolina

"First, Oriana is one of those people whose warm and giving presence makes you feel lucky to be spending time with her.  Her reflexology healing is amazing. I walk in feeling stressed, crazy, anxious and leave feeling clear and peaceful. I go home rejuvenated and happy. The last two months have been particularly stressful and Oriana's work has made it much easier for me to handle. The atmosphere that she creates is soothing. I relax into gentle breaths, with her dog, Buster, guiding me with his serene snores." LW, North Carolina

"The total bliss I feel after a session with Oriana, not only has lasting effects over the week but is a better calm than any other including yoga, meditations and full body massage I have had over the past 20 years. Oriana is an amazing talent, both at reflexology and as a true nurturer. I truly cherish my weekly hour with her." BW, North Carolina

"A plethora of approaches claiming to reduce stress and enhance well-being exist. In 30 years work as a therapist I have explored many of them. Without reservation, I heartily recommend a reflexology session with Oriana. Her work is gentle, yet powerful in the facilitation of profound relaxation and self-awareness."

BN, LCSW, North Carolina

"Oriana is a gifted healer. She is impeccably researched. She emanates a warmth, light, gentleness and pureness that infiltrates all of her Reflexology sessions. Her unquenchable thirst for spiritual knowledge and attunement is crystal clear and deeply informs her work. We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented portal with which to receive this type of healing. We cannot recommend Oriana highly enough. Treat yourself. Its heavenly."

CB, North Carolina

"Sometimes you meet a person whose innate goodness and beauty bursts upon you with an almost blinding light. Oriana is such a person. She is absolutely trustworthy and always conveys a shining kindness to those around her. Her aura makes her an outstanding nutritional caretaker/provider.
I have been in her personal care now for approximately six months and feel like a new person. Her program is not simple, requiring a major life-change in diet and many supplements, but with Oriana's guidance, I have been rewarded with a real correction of my health and weight. I thank her sincerely for this breakthrough."

DH, North Carolina

"After my reflexology session with Oriana, I feel more relaxed. I've especially noticed that my hips and particularly my pelvic region feel looser and more relaxed in a good way. I was holding a lot of tension there and didn't realize it. Energetically I feel more gentle, more emotional, more in touch with myself. But most definitely my entire pelvic region has a lot less scrambled energy going on and just feels more balanced."

MM, North Carolina

"My foot reflexology session with Oriana was completely restorative. I felt instant relaxation from the moment the session started and found that I had significantly more energy in the days the followed. The environment and atmosphere with Oriana was safe, inviting and healing. I highly recommend this practice and this practitioner!"

JT, North Carolina

"Dear Ori,
Thank you much for the session yesterday. I feel so much better. I was seriously thinking of going to the doctor, but you saved my life. You have such a relaxing place, and you do such a good job. I can't thank you enough. I will recommend all my friends."

GH, North Carolina

"I went to Oriana's reflexology treatment expecting to be relaxed. What I didn't expect were the tears of release at the end of the hour, and an amazingly rejuvenated and energized day afterwards. The session left me feeling absolutely relaxed and cared for. Oriana has expertly gentle hands and creates such an atmosphere of calm and safety. I would recommend her to anyone!"

KC, North Carolina

"Yesterday I had an amazing foot reflexology session with Oriana. Oriana has such a healing and intuitive touch. The session was completely relaxing, her space is calming and therapeutic and I loved the way she quieted the space and opened it to fully engage herself in what she was doing. A session with Oriana would be the most wonderful luxurious gift to yourself or someone you love!"

CR, North Carolina

NOTE: Reflexology does not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and is not a substitute for standard medical care. Oriana Galardi-Este is not a medical doctor. She operates as a certified reflexologist only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.