Sports Reflexology

Sports reflexology

“I wish Reflexology had been available when I was at the height of my career – it would have been a complete game changer. I highly recommend Oriana and her work to any serious athlete.” Larry Miller, two-time ACC Player of The Year in 1967 and 1968

“I run between 6-12 miles a day and before starting reflexology I would have to take days off to recover. Since starting, I run like I have wings on my feet. Recovery isn’t even in my vocabulary anymore. Everything is easier.” Elizabeth Van Doren

“I was Duke’s number 1 tennis recruit and after my first year decided to go pro. I was also an All-American and National Rookie of the Year. I started regular reflexology treatments with Oriana to deal with acute pain in my left heel and overall body exhaustion from training hard. My heel pain is completely gone, my overall recovery has been greatly reduced and I have an overall sense of wellbeing that I didn’t have before starting Reflexology. Hands down prefer it over full-body massage. I’m now a complete addict and count down the minutes till our next session. I recommend her to everyone I meet on tour.” Maria Mateas, professional tennis player

What differentiates reflexology from full-body massage are the 7,000 nerve endings on the soles of the feet.

Recovery: Reflexology is effective at dramatically reducing recovery time if administered within 24 hours after a game.

Injury Healing: Once an injury has occurred, consistent reflexology (1-2 week) will ensure the injury heals as quickly as possible.

Injury Prevention: To prevent future injury, 1 session a week is highly recommended.


What Reflexology Can Do for Your Players

-        Removes lactic acid and uric acid build-up 4 times faster than full-body massage

-        Increases circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients, allowing body to make a faster recovery

-        When stimulated, the 7,000 nerve endings release serotonin, putting the nervous system into a deeply parasympathetic state, which is when the body begins to heal and regenerate

-        Reduces inflammation

-        Reduces joint stiffness and pain

-        Boosts the immune system

-        Improves endurance and stamina

-        Improves focus and concentration

-        Speeds up muscle repair

-        Improves overall mental and emotional wellbeing

Conditions Reflexology Will Help

-        Sprains and Strains – muscles and ligaments

-        Plantar Fasciitis

-        Joint Inflammation – bursitis, tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis

-        Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Back Injuries

-        Muscle or Tendon Tears

-        Sciatica

-        Shin Splints

-        Concussions

-        Anxiety


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